Hi, I'm Ashley

About myself

I enjoy mathematics and also I enjoy instructing it. I recognise that mathematics isn't for everyone yet I hope that in my trainings I could aid you find out the content as well as, perhaps, you can find out that mathematics could be enjoyable to study as well!

During my study, my much-loved topic at A level was maths (shock!), and the element I delighted in most was assisting my classmates. When my mates were having problem with specifically hard issues, I considered it truly rewarding to clarify those points in such a way that they were able to understand. I learnt that it's not the very same for everyone; exactly what clarified a subject for someone would certainly just confuse the other. That's something I always keep in mind supplying my tutorials; I'll go on working till I locate the way to deliver that assists you the most.

My tutorials will look really different for different students, but all tutorials be centred around assisting in the student attaining their full potential. If a student has a firm understanding of a topic, we'll resolve examples, making sure we're ready for the trickiest inquiry the inspector could ask. Whenever there are gaps in understanding, I'll work hard to discuss as well as clarify those ideas, employing practise questions when the understanding is safe.